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Company Profile

The main company behind the Centre for Document Management Research (CDMR) is Virtual Studio Sdn Bhd (Virtual), a Malaysian based company that specializes in providing comprehensive document management solutions. In 1997, Virtual began its operations as a pure research & development company and worked in several areas including document control systems, database integration, CAD engineering solutions, 3D walk through services and ERP software.

In early 1998, Virtual focused its entire development effort on electronic document management systems (EDMS) to meet the rapidly growing popularity for this product segment. In early 2000, Virtual launched the DocControl EDMS its flagship product for document capture, search & retrieval, archiving and workflow for Windows-based networks. Its products are developed from a combination of its own original codes and world-class imaging codes used by top global software companies.

Virtual now offers a unique perspective to its business services. The Company provides a much higher level of technical expertise than many of its competitors in the region. This includes value-added knowledge management services; flexibility for customization and scalability; and superior product support services. Its development team is also constantly updating the DocControl software and its consulting services with the latest ISO document control concepts.

The imported codes are used to improve several areas of its product such as enhancements for viewer support to include faster image compression / decompression, faster loading & extended file format support, and expanding functionality for performance optimization to make DocControl features even faster.

Besides document management systems, Virtual is an approved agent for a variety of popular document imaging scanners, data back-up hardware, and also a value-added reseller of most IT hardware & software solutions. Its client list includes major corporate and government organizations, and small to medium scale companies involved in the construction, architectural, legal, power and trading industries. Virtual also has business partners who provide synergistic services including archiving, bureau, copier and document conversion services.

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