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Consulting Overview

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Consulting Overview

In any Document Management System (DMS) implementation, consulting is inevitable. CDMR consultants can often see things about your organization that you may not see yourselves. We provide a fresh insight and new ideas to solve nearly every imaginable DMS problem.

Finding the optimum solution together

CDMR’s focus is always on the optimum solution, not the software, hardware or methodologies alone, but a combination of all these factors. We make the solution as simple and effective as possible, and uncover potential areas for improvement.  We ensure an efficient and successful implementation.

Customer issues

Our DMS consulting work unifies product solutions with practical customer requirements. We provide input directly to the relevant personnel in your organization based on direct customer interactions to improve overall DMS performance. We can respond directly to customer issues that may require procedure changes or product enhancement. We also provide organization-specific and value-added information on your document management processes, including file formats, document type structures, nested categories, and much more.

New technology

CDMR helps your organization address today’s increasingly dynamic market requirements by updating your DMS and key personnel with the latest methodologies and technology solutions. New technology ensures the fastest document flows possible to handle the growing document volumes and file sizes.

Ending overpriced service

We will look at removing unnecessary costs related to document management to help you save money without a drop in performance. Our products and services are always competitively priced, and we can provide impartial advise on alternative relational databases and document imaging hardware.


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