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Solutions Overview


The DocControl Document Management System (DMS) suite of solutions delivers a new way of managing information and enabling organizations to better utilize their information technology assets. There is growing recognition of the convergence between Document Management Systems (DMS) - which manages information in paper and electronic form - and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)- which is an information technology field that seeks to give organizations stronger and more thorough control over information, and the way it is handled over increasingly complex networks. Organizations are now beginning to realize that implementing a robust and scalable DMS or KMS can provide real, verifiable, bottom-line results with tremendous lifetime value.


Document management, like knowledge management is the process of locating, evaluating, capturing and sharing knowledge throughout an organization. It relies on establishing a methodology for collecting, evaluating and cataloging or indexing information, and making that information available for collaborative access by a wide variety of knowledge workers. 

The goal of the DocControl DMS is to capture the knowledge of people with expertise in their specific fields and make that knowledge available for use throughout the organization.


DocControl Data Capture is an important DMS tool that deals with the capture and categorization of unstructured data data that exists in various locations and formats such as paper documents, Microsoft Office files, web downloads, Acrobat PDF documents, faxes, CAD files, images, and text files such as proposals, emails, white papers, transcripts or meeting notes. 


Once documents have been properly formatted and categorized, knowledge workers will receive the right document instantly and can view and work on them from their individual PCs via the DocControl Inbox module. These documents are viewed using the powerful DocControl Image Viewer. With the appropriate permissions, DocControl users can print, email, copy and distribute documents instantly across networks using the DocControl Distribution program. 


Users can also perform quick and extensive document searches to retrieve their documents at electronic speed. Search by any of the many customizable field names provided, by period or date, by keyword or content search, Boolean search and combination searches. All these retrieval functions are easy to use and available in the DocControl Search module.


A major benefit of DocControl DMS is that the amount of work for archival is greatly reduced. DocControl documents need much less room! Store, archive and back-up files quickly and efficiently from DocControl, and see how easy it is to follow any of your archival policies using DocControl Archival / Storage.


The DocControl DRA Workflow program is a document workflow system can be used essentially anywhere you can envision an automated business process that requires the movement of a single or multiple document files through repeatable steps in a specific sequence.


For ISO9000 document control requirements and evidence of conformity, your external or internal auditors will find the DocControl Records & Logs program especially helpful in keeping track of all important document management and workflow activities.


For more administration functions useful to your document controller, check out the DocControl Administrator program. This program controls all field administration, user administration, user security rights, file migration and more.






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