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Development Services Overview

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Document Clean-Up Facility

Electronic Fax Integration

GIS Integration

MS Exchange / Outlook Integration

Vector View Plug-Ins

Adobe for Document Preparation




Development Services Overview

Do you have specific document management systems requirements that are not addressed by your existing system? CDMR offers DMS development services in both technical programming and non-technical DMS domains. We can help you address almost any type of DMS problem whether it is to add a new imaging extension to your current system or develop a new set of document management procedures.

The services we provide: 

  •  Customization of new tools into existing DocControl system Add any number of new tools that will work seamlessly with DocControl. CDMR will advise, develop, package, test and implement these add-on components for you, saving your organization the effort of hiring MIS and DMS experts. 

  • Enhancement of existing features - We can enhance existing features to cater for new technology or organization requirements. For example, you may wish to extend file format support or enhance vector viewer support.

  • Integration with other systems  CDMR will evaluate the pros and cons of any integration work between an existing system and the DocControl DMS system. Our technical consultants can determine the extent of integration that would derive the maximum benefits from the integration effort. For example, you may wish to integrate DocControl DMS with a GIS Mapping system or with the MS Exchange/Outlook email system. 

  • Electronic fax integration  Integration with electronic fax systems can result in tremendous advantages for an organization that already manages a lot of fax documents. Benefits include minimizing the need for scanning/conversion, dramatic reduction of your paper requirements and instant distribution of the fax across your entire organizational network.



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