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Electronic Fax Integration

Faxing is a vital component of corporate communications, in some cases accounting for more than 50% of all documents stored. This is especially true for many architecture, engineering and construction companies and government departments that deal regularly with contracts, invoices, quotations and general correspondences. When smartly integrated with an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), the fax management solution offers many distinct advantages including automatic distribution, simultaneous viewing, timely retrieval and paperless storage. In fact, the entire fax document lifecycle from receipt to archival can be managed electronically with ease.

A good electronic fax and document management system should at least have the following features to enable real productivity gains.

  • Electronic distribution with user access security

  • Simultaneous viewing and rules-based routing to recipients

  • Incoming fax notification and detailed fax logs of every event

  • Easy to print, copy, email and re-distribute

  • User-friendly document profiler or register

  • Hard-copy location references

  • Electronic retrieval and archiving capabilities

  • Easy to associate/link to other documents in the system

At CDMR, we can advise, implement and train your clerical staff on the use of the selected fax management software. More importantly, we will integrate the fax work with the EDMS work to ensure the processes are seamless, simple and useable.



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