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ISO9000 Document Control Requirements

Whether you are ISO9000 certified or currently pursuing the ISO9000 certification, it is always good to maintain a good set of document management procedures. One of CDMR’s main objectives is to be constantly updated with the latest changes in ISO document control standards, and ensure our systems are developed in line with these requirements. There are 2 broad rules:

1. Proper document controls

  • Proper document control procedures must be in place. This includes:

  • Identifying individual worker’s roles & responsibilities to ensure accountability for their actions

  • Revision controls and updating latest versions

  • Proper document access & security to ensure only the right people have access to the right documents

  • Standard procedures for document registration

  • Document template facilities

2. Evidence of conformity

A system must be established and maintained to readily identify evidence of conformity to the above procedures. This enables quick and efficient self-audits or external audits of all important document control actions in your organization.

Our document management system not only standardizes and integrates DMS procedures across an organization, it helps with the maintenance of the organization’s ISO accreditation. Besides compliance issues, a proper system can be a major competitive advantage that ensures greater accuracy and consistency throughout the organization.

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