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Review & Strategic Planning

Managing Documented Evidence

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Review & Strategic Planning

In most organizations, approved procedures already exist for managing paper documents and records. Some organizations have procedures for managing electronic documents. Even so, it may be beneficial to review current practices to ensure that document management principles are being applied effectively, and that corporate needs are adequately addressed.

One of the key tasks of CDMR consultants is to perform this review together with the relevant personnel in your organization such as your document controller, records manager, archivist, and information technologist. The review normally encompasses the following:

        establish the current status of information management policy within the organization

        expose shortfalls in document management policies, functions or practices

        establish opportunities for new and improved document management policies, processes or systems

        identify potential cost savings or benefits to be obtained by redressing shortfalls, excesses or inefficiencies; and

        the recommended strategy for electronic document management

The review must address the way in which the selected strategy should be implemented, and the implications of this for the organization. At this point the familiar questions of strategic planning arise:

        where are we now, and what do these changes mean for our organization?

        in which direction do we want to move in the next few years?

        how do we get there?

        what do we need to get there?

        what are the important issues?

        how do we make a start?

With CDMR consultants in your DMS team, you will get thorough & professional advise on strategy, budgeting, policy-making, organization and staffing. This means helping you get the most from your DMS implementation, staff education, training and ongoing support.



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