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Government & Corporate Solutions


CDMR will advise, develop & customize, deploy and support your Document Management System according to your industry or specific statutory requirements. We will help you select and package from the our entire gamut of available DMS tools, the right solution that meets your needs. More importantly, we will develop together with you a set of Best DMS Practices – utilizing our expertise & experience in the field of DMS/KMS that captures the lessons learned from earlier engagements, both positive and negative.


Your entire document management team, from the document controller and profile clerks – to all knowledge workers who retrieve and work with documents – will share in this knowledge transfer. In addition, new or replacement workers entering similar engagements for the first time, will benefit from these lessons, reducing the likelihood of making the same mistakes their predecessors did.


Whether you are a Government Department, or a construction, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications or power producing organization, our focus is on building solutions that address the specific challenges of your sector and industry. For greater customer satisfaction, CDMR’s consultants are constantly updated with local market problems and focus on providing effective solutions applicable to the local market situation.


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