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Customer Referral Rewards Program

The Referral Rewards Program gives CDMR the opportunity to reward some of its valued customers who have helped us secure new business contacts. At CDMR we place great significance and appreciation when a customer recommends our services to a friend, relative or business colleague. Since our humble beginnings, much of our growth has been fueled by satisfied customer referrals. Simply, we would like to reward our customers for rewarding us.

How It Works

For every customer you refer to us that subsequently leads to a sale, you will receive a small percentage of the contract sum (excluding options, extension modules, maintenance fees) that can be redeemed in many ways. The percentages may vary according to contract values, or it may increase if the extent of your involvement is more than just “setting up the first meeting”. However, this program does not apply if it coincides with other promotions, offers or commission structures. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

It's That Simple!

All you have to do is make sure you inform us of your referral and that your referral customer provides us with your name and email address before they sign up for services. After your referral customer has settled their accounts and has been with us for a minimum 30 days, you be entitled to claim your rewards. It’s that simple!

Referral Rewards

The Referral Rewards Program gives you or your organization the chance to receive any of the following items up to the value you have accumulated.

·        Additional client-access licenses

·        PDAs, scanners & other promotional hardware

·        Free additional onsite training

·        Free additional technical consulting engagements

·        Discounts on future maintenance programs

·        Cash rebates / discounts

·        More …

For more information on how you can participate and qualify, please contact us.



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