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One of the key benefits of an electronic document management system is the speed, ease and efficiency in archiving old documents. In most manual or paper environments, document controllers are usually stuck with several large rooms filled with cabinets of outdated documents, making efficient archiving an impossibility. The manual archiving task is extremely time consuming, tedious, expensive and usually does not achieve the desired objective.

By converting from your paper-based approach to the DocControl electronic system, your organization will benefit in the following ways.

·        Automatic hard disk filing structure - your document files will be stored in the correct folders in your server hard disk based on preset rules. Whether you have a hundred thousand or a few million documents, your files will always be neatly structured in your network servers – automatically!

·        Archiving utility - archive out your document files and records to removable electronic media such as magnetic tape or CDs by year or project name or by any of the other many options available.

·        Synchronize archived DB – gives your document controller the means to re-synchronize part or all of your archived document sets with your existing live database.

·        Archive search – easily locate and retrieve old archived documents by using the search engine that can be built into your storage media.

·        Data back-up – A key benefit is the ability to make a virtually unlimited number of back-up copies of your documents, quickly and with minimum storage space required.

·        Improved ROI – your organization’s costs associated with document records handling and storage will be dramatically reduced by the electronic archiving system.



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