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The DocControl Inbox is the primary module from which users can read and work on their latest indexed documents. All document records will be displayed in a self-customizable records table that enables easy selection. New documents that enter the DocControl Inbox will be filtered to match individual access rights to ensure only the right documents reach the right people. Users can then proactively Confirm Read the document - or perform one of many available functions including editing and creating a new version of the document, distributing the document to a group of people for simultaneous viewing, printing a hard copy, emailing the document or copying its file(s) to a separate location. Furthermore, all these user actions will be automatically recorded into the DocControl database for self or external audit.  



The DocControl Inbox has a Multi-Function Display (MFD) that has several functions such as the Quick Sort feature, document versions listing, document properties, read status, a desktop calendar & clock, and an overall document summary. The file menu also contains sub-administrator controls, but this is only applicable for multi-level administration.  




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