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DocControl‘s Document Distribution is the easiest way to distribute documents instantly across department or corporate networks. Unlike email distributions, users can distribute large and multiple document file sizes quickly across the network. No more slow email attachments that take ages to launch. With DocControl, your document files will speed across networks and are viewable instantly by all users who can confirm read, approve, reject or add comments quickly.


DocControl Distribution features include:

  • Instant dissemination of high quality document images or files such as MS Word, MS Excel,  HTMLs, PDFs, CAD, fax, email and more.

  • Works with user access security and version controls.

  • Proactive response, tracking & bulletin board.

  • Powerful viewers and smart tools to Approve, Reject or Confirm Read documents on-line.

  • Auto-distribute function.

  • Meets ISO9000 document management requirements.

  • Full integration with all other DocControl modules.

The problems with manual distributions are numerous and easily recognizable. DocControl Distribution removes these problems quickly with minimal changes to existing procedures. Common problems with manual systems include:

  • Lost documents

  • Slow  & sequential distributions

  • Poor response time

  • Inability to view simultaneously

  • No tracking or auto-distribute capability


"The frequent bottlenecks from paper distributions can lead to messages expiring before they reach their intended recipient"   With the Auto-Distribute feature, our documents are now routed to the right people in a timely and secure manner"





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