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DocControl Data Capture



DocControl Data Capture serves to provide organizations with a standardized way of centralizing information capture. This program effectively captures your documents electronic files or paper documents converted into image format and smartly categorizes the document quickly for efficient retrieval at a later stage.


DocControl Data Capture contains many user-friendly features for capturing information including:  

DocControl Data Capture also provides a powerful document registration system that has loads of practical features including:

  • Pick lists and drop lists

  • Customizable profile fields

  • Comprehensive fields management

  • Metadata edit and copy functions

  • Recent index listing

  • Incomplete index listing

  • Calendar and multiple date fields

  • Baseline / enforced workflow marking

With just a little training, DocControl Data Capture is easy enough for any clerical staff to use. Its indexing or profiling capability is essential to the success of the DMS because it provides the framework for other users to locate information. It is also the first  and a critical step in forming the foundation for an effective data-centric information system.  





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